The Definitive Guide to 5G in India | Things to know before buying a 5G Smartphone

The Definitive Guide to 5G in India, the things to know before buying a new 5G capable Smartphone in India. In this video I explain about the different 5G network, differences between a SA and NSA 5g network, advance functionality like MiMO, CA and VoNR on 5G networks, the 5G bands that are being used by Airtel 5g and Jio 5g in India.

0:00 Intro
2:30 Different types of 5G Bands
4:28 Mid 5G Bands – Sub 6 Ghz
7:25 mmWave
8:21 NSA vs SA
8:37 NSA 5G Network
10:40 SA 5G Network
12:33 Other Advance 5G features
14:04 5G via OTA Update
15:25 5G updates on 5g Phones
20:34 When will 5g come in my city
22:01 5G Power Consumption
24:35 Buying a new 5G phone

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